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Day Trip Melbourne

A Partnership with Thames & Hudson

Spending a long stay with us and wondering what to do beyond the city? Tap into the expertise of authors Evi O and Andrew Grune of the newly-published Day Trip Melbourne - 52 Nature Adventures, for their guide on the best day trips in the city and beyond.

With a trip for every week of the year, Day Trip Melbourne takes you to sweeping coastlines, mountains, forests, gushing waterfalls, beaches, swimming holes, Aboriginal sites, historic architecture and more.

Each adventure includes directions by car or public transport, a map showing walking routes and facilities, and a guide to trip highlights. There are trips for everyone – families, solo adventurers, furry friends – all within 130 kilometres of the city centre.

Day Trip Melbourne by Evi O and Andrew Grune, published by Thames & Hudson Australia, AUD$34.99, available now.

Melbourne is often lauded as Australia’s cultural centre, but there is so much to appreciate when you escape the urban chaos and explore its natural wonders. We hope this book will ignite your nomadic spirit and spur you to explore our state’s vast sweeping coastlines, snowy peaks, gurgling streams and fluorescent wattle.